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Business Law & Personal Legal Services

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Cousins Law Firm represents businesses and individuals with diverse needs. Some representative cases we handle include the following::


We handle construction and mechanic’s lien lawsuits, banking cases, warranty claims and defenses, and real estate purchase and lease lawsuits. We have represented employees and employers in employment litigation. Our litigation experience is “from both sides of the table.” That is, we are as comfortable representing defendants as we are with plaintiffs.

Condo and Housing Associations:

Business and residential associations have their own unique legal needs. We have been successful in negotiating peaceful resolutions to sensitive ownership and management issues. Sometimes litigation is inevitable, and we handle that too.

Eminent Domain:

The government has the right to acquire private property for public use, but the Constitution requires just compensation when they do. We have been successful in obtaining high condemnation awards for property owners. If you find yourself obligated to sell your property to the government, call us so we can protect you.

Medical Injunctions:

You have the right to determine what medical treatment plan is best for you and your minor children. Cousins Law Firm has obtained court injunctions against forced medical treatment. We believe that these very private issues should be approached with great sensitivity and understanding. We provide that as well as experience and knowledge of the applicable laws.

Wills and Probate:

Let us explore with you your options for charitable giving, appointing a personal representative, making medical decisions, and arranging asset protection. Addressing these important matters now will save your family unnecessary stress and turmoil, during an already difficult period of bereavement. To assist you in making a decision on whether to use a will or a living trust for your estate plan, the issue of probate must be addressed.

We can also help with the careful but quick probate of estates if you become the personal representative of a loved one’s estate.

Business Counseling and Incorporation:

We can help you with the decisions and documents to incorporate your businesses, including name searches, filing and preparation of corporate minutes, resolutions, and stock transfer records. We have experienced general counsel for your 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and we understand the issues that may arise.

Real Estate:

We have negotiated business leases, represented owners in eminent domain cases, and handled real estate closings on behalf of both buyers and sellers.


Since 9/11, immigration cases have become even more demanding. Our firm has experience in family visas, work visas, asylum cases, and deportation cases.


We accept cases involving housing and employment discrimination. We take pride in addressing the wrongs of such cases and we fight to correct injustice.


Our firm has a strong record of handling appeals. As “the lawyers for the other lawyers”, we prepare appellate briefs for other attorneys’ cases and argue the appeals.

Noteworthy Personal/Business Law Cases:

Samuel Crews Residential Taking

The developer of a Riviera Beach project made what appeared to be a fair offer to purchase Mr. Crews’ residence. Mr. Crews wisely contacted Cousins Law Firm to review the offer. The Cousins Law firm more than doubled the negotiated price of the Crews’ residence.


Meet Our Team

Patrick Cousins
Patrick CousinsPrinciple Lawyer
Patrick has decades of experience as a Lemon Law Specialist. He is an A-V Preeminent attorney with a 10.0 Avvo rating and over 500 victories for his clients with defective automobiles.

Our Clients Say

Patrick was extremely helpful, he has a lot of experience and I was glad to have chosen him because he gave me all the information I needed, he gave me guidance, made sure I was comfortable with my case and most important of all he was honest throughout the whole process. I am satisfied with my whole experience, I had better results than I had expected from my case and that is only because Patrick and his staff handled it. I would use him again in a heartbeat if I ever needed it.


Acura Goes Down!

Patrick was very professional, understanding and a great listener to my issues and concerns. His experience made my suit painless and without uncertainty. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with a “Lemon Law” case! He took on the big manufacturer and brought them to their knees within the timeline he predicted.


Awards, Memberships, & Sponsorships

Cousins Law Firm has been recognized for many accomplishments in the legal community. The firm is also a member of many well respected legal communities.

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