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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

A wrongful death or serious injury of a loved one always causes for sorrow.  Although nothing can truly be done to turn back the hands of time and undo the suffering and loss associated with these accidents, the law does provide monetary compensation in an attempt to right the wrong.

Realizing the difficult and sensitive nature of these claims, Cousins Law Firm represents victims of personal injury and wrongful death claims with as much compassion and understanding as possible while aggressively pursuing their rights.   Our personal injury practice encompasses automobile accidents, wrongful death, products liability, medical malpractice, insurance claims, and premises liability.

Our Approach

At Cousins Law Firm, we use the law to secure coverage for our clients’ pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.  We also monitor our clients’ medical care and treatment to assure that our clients are progressing toward a complete recovery.  A claim for personal damages is made after a complete understanding of our clients’ injuries.  Our representation is based upon the exacting standards we have provided for our clients in the past.

Team of Professionals

Finally, we use our team of investigators, ground and aerial photographers, paralegals, online legal research staff, engineers, physicians, accident reconstruction experts, vocational consultants, rehabilitation consultants, economist, and human factor specialist to present your claim.  If your claim cannot be resolved before trial, Cousins Law Firm stands ready to take the case to trial for you.  If we can assist you or a loved one, please feel free to call us.

Automobile accidents

Many personal injury cases arising out of automobile accidents. Florida has enacted a “no-fault” law that requires a person’s own insurer to pay certain medical and wage loss benefits. However, if the injured party has a permanent injury, he/she may recover additional damages for the negligence of the other driver. Accident victims should protect all of their rights and make a well-informed decision before accepting a settlement of an injury claim. Let Cousins Law Firm help you receive all that you are fully entitled to.

Wrongful Death Cases

Death cases require special sensitivity. Cousins Law Firm is no stranger to these cases. Mr. Cousins has represented plaintiffs in such challenging circumstances as the tragic death of a teenager shot by the police. Cousins Law Firm approaches each case with insight and appreciation of the consequences to our clients.

Products Liability

Consumers may be injured or even killed as a result of an unreasonably dangerous product. The product flaw may be a design, defect, or negligence in manufacturing. The experience of Cousins Law Firm in handling defective automobile cases has carried over to injury cases based on product liability.

Medical Malpractice

Physicians, like the rest of us, are not immune to mistakes. When they fail to conform their treatment to the applicable medical standard of care, they are responsible for the results. We are here to help you decide if you have a claim, evaluate that claim, and try the case if it cannot be settled. Our firm has experience in obstetrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, general surgery, and plastic surgery medical malpractice cases.

Insurance Law

We are well-experienced in the Florida no-fault automobile law and can advise you on your rights to recover immediate benefits for medical cost and wage losses. We have handled cases involving insurance “bad faith” where the insurance company unreasonably denies or reduces claims it knows should be paid.

Premises Liability

Property owners and businesses have a responsibility to keep their premises safe for persons lawfully visiting. Such cases are sometimes referred to as “slip and fall” cases; however, they may be cases of dangerous conditions attracting children, recreational injuries, animal attacks, or other causes.

Catastrophic Injury

Some clients come in with “catastrophic injuries” which are particularly devastating such as paralysis. Experienced members of the Cousins Law team know how to make presentations of these life-changing injuries to show their physical, emotional, and economic impact on the victim.

Fees in personal injury cases

Attorney’s fees for personal injury cases at Cousins Law Firm are typically based on a percentage of the recovery.

Noteworthy Wrongful Death Cases:

Terry Glover v. Delray Beach

Cousins Law Firm represents Terry Glover in a widely publicized case. Mr. Glover’s son died at the hands of a Delray Beach police officer who shot the young man at a high school dance. Over the objection of a prominent law firm, Cousins Law Firm obtained a court order for DNA testing to establish Mr. Glover’s paternity.

Estate of Joan Pauline Bryant

Cousins Law Firm tried this case in Miami, Florida on behalf of a surviving husband whose wife was killed by a SAIA tractor trailer. After settlement negotiations failed, the jury returned a 2.5 million dollar award to our client for his loss.

Estate of Angela Pendleton

Cousins Law Firm represented a young girl that tragically lost both of her parents in one of the worst tractor-trailer and automobile accidents in the history of Broward county. After serious negotiations, we were able to settle the case for seven figures without the need for a trial.


Meet Our Team

Patrick Cousins
Patrick CousinsPrinciple Lawyer
Patrick has decades of experience as a Lemon Law Specialist. He is an A-V Preeminent attorney with a 10.0 Avvo rating and over 500 victories for his clients with defective automobiles.

Our Clients Say

Patrick was extremely helpful, he has a lot of experience and I was glad to have chosen him because he gave me all the information I needed, he gave me guidance, made sure I was comfortable with my case and most important of all he was honest throughout the whole process. I am satisfied with my whole experience, I had better results than I had expected from my case and that is only because Patrick and his staff handled it. I would use him again in a heartbeat if I ever needed it.


Acura Goes Down!

Patrick was very professional, understanding and a great listener to my issues and concerns. His experience made my suit painless and without uncertainty. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with a “Lemon Law” case! He took on the big manufacturer and brought them to their knees within the timeline he predicted.


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