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Winning at a Loss in the Florida Lemon Law

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Many times, in litigation, as in life, a victory comes with an unwanted loss. Think of the mountain climber who severed his trapped limb to free his body and save his life. This is a drastic illustration of course, but it is the hard reality of many of the choices we are faced with.  I will fight tooth and nail for my clients to get every penny they are entitled to under the law. I have even been accused of chasing a penny with a dollar by my staff.   However, in some instances, my clients must take a loss to recover


Why Do I Need To Keep All My Vehicle Repair Orders?

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In the State of Florida, repair orders are legal documents and dealerships are required to give you a copy of your repair order after every service. Surprisingly, many consumers are not aware of this or think it is not necessary to secure a repair order. I would like to tell you why it is important to keep these repair orders neatly in a safe, dry place, outside of the vehicle. Three reasons come to mind: RESALE: 1. You will need these repair orders if you decide to re-sell your vehicle. Savvy new car buyers want to see the repair orders on


Cousins Law Firm Featured on FloridaTrend.com

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After landing his first job at a small law firm, Patrick Cousins bought a shiny, new, red Chevrolet IROC convertible. It broke down so much, though, that the car ended up in the shop more than 30 times. The car made Cousins late for work so often that his boss sat him down one day and told him to do something about it or else. Patrick Cousins Cousins researched Florida’s lemon laws, got General Motors to buy the convertible back and, in turn, earned some valuable experience. “Six months later, I interviewed for a job at a larger firm and, sure