Over the course, of my career, I have built a name for myself as an AVVO 10.0 and a Martindale Hubbell AV Preeminent-Rated attorney who focuses on lemon law matters, with many successful cases under my belt. I have a decades-old passion for cars and a lifetime empathy for the underdog.  I get a great deal of satisfaction helping someone, in a relatively short amount of time, get relief from a “thorn in their side,” and for that, I do not mind being called the “Lemon Law King.”

But, I fight injustices in all areas of the law with equal, if not more, passion. I have recovered over 2 million dollars from a singular case and recently, with the help of a well-selected legal team, I was able to help a family recover $2.2 million dollars for the wrongful death of an elderly gentleman who was injured and ultimately died a short time later when he relied on a loose grab-bar that gave way because it was improperly installed by the assisted living facility he and his wife called home.

The facility argued that his life had little value because at 86 he had lived longer than he was supposed to and was no longer useful to his family. They refused to give his life value as the father of 3 faithful daughters, a special needs son, and the husband of 60years to a wife that adored him and relied on his companionship.

People are not lemons! Unlike the Lemon Law that declares that a car is a lemon if it has substantial defects that impair its use, value or safety, the value of human life should never be devalued based on defects or age. I hope that this award causes assisted living facilities to wake up and realize the worth of our elderly.

They are a treasure and should be valued as precious gems.  I implore all who provide assisted living for the elderly to raise their standard of care and eliminate all abuse and neglect which has been the unfortunate norm!